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Provide product: Jansite 3 in 1 Car DVR Russian Voice Radar Detector GPS Tracker Car detector Camera Laser Radar Speed cam Anti Radar Dash Cam from digitaldream.me. Check Discount. Get also the best products from this store.

Jansite R03S is a car-detector 3 In 1 device which contain Radar detector+car DVR + GPS.

It is born for protecting your driving to be safe and avoiding the police’s ticket.Radar detector can detect almost all the bands for Russia,such as X,K,Ka,La and CT.In addition,built-in GPS function can detect the police’s camera by satellite and GPS database.As a result,It can detect fixed velocity or flow velocity.Above all,it is a good product with very reasonable price.Buying from us,it will be the best choice!

GPS Information Detection and Radar Signal Detection

The built-in GPS and GPS database includes police speed information about Russia. Your car position can also be located by satellite along with police cameras. This detects most bands from Russia such as, X, K, KA, La, and signals. New generation radar module with the best sensitivity settings

Detection of all known radar systems, and police radar

Full HD 1080P Image 3-inch high-resolution screen, 1920 * 1080P Full HD image effects, a wider lens angle G-sensing In an emergency, the camera will automatically lock the video file, save important evidence. Automatically loop video The camera will automatically loop the video, delete the old video file, save the new video file. And the camera has Class 10 video file transfer speed, file segmentation save, 1 minute or 3 minutes for a file. Motion detection and parking monitoring Camera with motion detection and parking monitoring function, you can set this feature in the camera’s menu, you can protect your car at night. (Use this function, you need to buy a parking monitor power cord separately)

packing list:

1 * Car Dvr 1 * Car Charger 1 * Russian manual 1 * box 1 * bracket Note:

The languge of warning tone is in Russian.

The Car DVR is with very small battery, it must connect to the power to work normally.

The database of Speedcam is neutral data which can be used in most area of Russia,but there may be some remote area where can not use.In addition,the database may be hysteretic for updating.If you have the exactly database,you can supply to us.We can update it for you.

Please connect the original car charger to your car to test the device, because our car charger is special for the device. Please don’t use other car chargers or USB cables to connect to the device, it may make the device broken. We don’t accept the dispute if the device can not turn on because of the connection without original car charger.


Price:  US $99.98 / piece
Sale Price:  US $49.99 / piece